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for Banking

Our regulatory brain

Providing a digital way for banks and other obligated/covered financial institutions to codify, author, implement and maintain AML, Regulatory and Tax regulations, policies and procedures.

What can Cerebro do for you

What Can Cerebro do for You?

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Front Office

iPad version of Cerebro to understand potential KYC requirements during client pitches/mandates

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Digitises procedures, manuals and standards to enable precise navigation, simplification and standardisation of AML rules

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Policy Teams

Enables an engineering approach to policy/procedures, removal of inconsistencies & duplication and harmonisation across 1000s of pages

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2LOD / FCR / Regulators

Clear lineage of procedures to firm policies and jurisdictional regulations, better oversight of how policy is implemented

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Technology & Change Teams

Removal of the manual analysis and communication of AML requirements through a consistent language

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How does Cerebro work
Cerebro is delivered
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Cerebro addresses many of a bank’s key policy challenges

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How does Cerebro work?

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Cerebro is delivered through a secure Azure architecture

  • Inject configuration direct to existing rules engines (CLM, Screening, Transaction Monitoring)

  • Technical requirements and configuration of rules

  • Replaces manual documentation & basic tactical tools (Word, pdf, Excel, etc)

  • Comprehensive procedure, training & reference tools for CDD analysts and other teams

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What are the results?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • What do we have to do in terms of AML/KYC to meet our obligations?

  • Are the questions we are asking tailored to our risk appetite and the clients we are working with or just generic/unsophisticated?

  • Are we executing the process as best we can?

  • What does good look like?

  • How do I achieve customer experience, efficiency and compliance without compromising standards?

  • Cerebro comes prepopulated with an industry view of what good looks like based on our experience with 20+ financial firms

  • It provides a digital bridge from regulation and your policies through to operationalising of those requirements

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Digitise Regulations & Policy

  • Cerebro codifies policy into its a digital data model

  • A new way to visualise & control standards in one centralised library

  • Standardised benchmarking to market best practices

  • Analytics and insights into policy coverage

What are the results
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