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Shape Your Future

We provide young, professional, and talented undergraduates the opportunity to work with JJC and our clients whilst at University

Young Professionals, Big Contributions

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Information Security

Our Information Security project was initiated by Eloise Tagholm-Child who began the project whilst still at university.

She has now continued to spearhead the project as a full time member of our team and LoFT graduate.

Our Information Security initiative is one that encompasses company wide procedure and has strong internal and external benefits

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People Pathways

Our People Pathways project is one that has been developed by individuals who have either graduated through the LoFT programme or who are still at university, including Alex Wardrop & Simon Salvi. 

This new process, built across applications including Azure DevOps, Power BI and Power Apps, streamlines the hiring, training and progression functions of new team members.

This process is used both internally and by our clients which demonstrates the business impact our LoFT members have.


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Cerebro, as our flagship solution, is integral to the services we provide our clients.

Many LoFT members have contributed significantly to Cerebro through a variety of different channels and from a range of teams.

The digitisation process and completing fundamental extraction of policy structure, for example, has been effectively carried out by LoFT members.


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LoFT Lifestyle

As a LoFT member you are part of one of the JJC teams and you participate and contribute in the same way that full time staff do. 

The opportunity is there and you just have to reach up and give it a go.  

There is a minimum commitment of 10 hours a week, and whilst getting a good degree is the priority, the sky is the limit in terms of how much work you can do with JJC.

You fit it around studies, holidays and many of the team have done year-long or summer internships.

You are encouraged to join the team in the office when you aren’t in term time or if you happen to be in London but the whole firm works flexibly so you can too.


Graduate Journeys

LoFT Alumni

Hear the journeys of our LoFT alumni, in their own words


Eloise Tagholm-Child

Solution Development,

I began my journey with LoFT during the summer before I started university in 2019. I saw an opportunity with the LoFT programme to bolster my professional experience whilst being able to have a flexible schedule.

When I started my work I found myself being able to complete a variety of different tasks that were related to a variety of different areas of the company. This meant the work remained exciting as I had the chance to explore new things regularly. It also meant that I was able to interact with many people in the company rather than just one small team. 

I would definitely recommend the LoFT programme to any young person looking to begin their career.

Want to join the team?

Join the Team

Are you a high-performing University student pursuing a career in Software Development, Financial Services or any other field? Reach out to us below and join the team!

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