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We Are JJC

Our business is founded on our core values and our aspiration to operate at the highest levels within a culture that is nurturing towards our people, our clients and our surroundings.

Our Story

Our Story

In January 2017, we set out to create a business that achieved three things:


  1. Build a digital solution that does to AML and regulatory policy/procedure management and execution, what music streaming services did to CDs

  2. Provide our clients with the benefit of our combined experiences of having successfully navigated regulatory and AML transformation from the Patriot Act, through the Financial Crisis, to today’s virtual assets regulatory challenges

  3. Create a virtuous home for experienced professionals combined with sponsoring and nurturing young talent through our LoFT programme


We are JJC

Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership Team

Meet the leaders and experts behind our dynamic teams of compliance and software professionals, who drive the vision, strategy and implementation of our digital solutions and services.


Jon May


Jon is the CEO of JJC and co-founded the firm in 2017 to build a business that offers unique digital compliance and candid advice to financial services firms.

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Paul de Bono

Head of Advisory Offerings 

Paul is a Partner at JJC. Since joining the firm in 2018, he has shaped many key aspects of the business, including product development, regulatory intelligence and internal capability development.


Jon Wilson

Head of Solutions

Jon is a Co-Founder of JJC and leads the development of the firm's unique digital policy offering - Cerebro.


Laura May

Head of codePINK

Laura is the Head of codePINK and has been with the company since 2020. She co-ordinates the codePINK engineering team and oversees the development of our digitisation solutions.

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Yas Jaffer


Yas is the CFO of JJC and one of the Co-Founders. Since the very start of their journey, Yas has been instrumental in building the core foundations of the firm.


Agnese Kruzenberga

Head of Client Delivery

Agnese is the Head of Client Delivery Team and joined the company in 2022. She looks after all aspects of delivering Cerebro and managed services to our clients.

Our Values

Our Values

Customer Value First

  • Customer value is at the absolute heart of all our activities

  • We will always do the right thing, even when its hard

  • We deliver on our promises, take ownership and always deliver quality

Investors in People

  • We know our most valuable asset is our people

  • We are all coaches, to our clients, our people, our partners and ourselves

  • We believe in frontline autonomy balanced with control

  • We blend frameworks with self-sufficiency to cultivate success

We are Specialists

  • We are industry experts in the AML, Tax and Regulatory domain

  • We are passionate about our domain and care about results

  • We are pragmatic, and understand how to drive outcomes through action

We are Forthright & Deliberate

  • We approach challenges with boldness and originality

  • We approach all interactions with candour

  • We also know the value of humour and fun in cultivating success

Respect for Surroundings

  • We have deep respect for our clients, our partners and ourselves

  • We strongly believe in being socially and environmentally responsible

  • We believe in giving back and providing opportunities that are exceptional

Our Results

Our Results

Take a look, we're pretty proud of them

Northern Lights

Cerebro Digital Policy & Procedures for a Leading Bank

Cerebro was used to digitise and reimagine this bank’s policies and procedures into a codified database of ‘policy and rules as code’.  This resulted in:


  1. Less onerous requirements being applied to clients and faster time to market

  2. Improved compliance through digital lineage back to regulations and policies

  3. AML requirements are easier to understand and less costly to implement in systems like Fenergo CLM

  4. Opportunities for more efficient processing and quality throughout

  5. Authoring of new policy and requirements digitally directly in Cerebro reusing our libraries of industry best practices.

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Nurturing Young Talent

Since we launched in 2017, we are proud to have sponsored over 15 students through our LoFT program. 


This provides talented University students with the opportunity to be a meaningful part of our business and earn flexibly whilst at university.  


All of our LoFT graduates have gone on to meaningful roles, at JJC or elsewhere.


LoFT has fast-tracked the careers of a growing number of young professionals and provided a flexible way for our people to pay their own way through university.

Trusted Partner and Advisor for Global CLM Implementation

Initially brought onboard to provide assurance to the selection of an AML system vendor, JJC was able to make an immediate contribution to the design workshops from a standing start by drawing on our extensive product experience. 


We were asked to stay on to provide advice, governance and co-design the operating model, key journeys, migration strategy and assure the policy and solution architecture.


The programme went live in 6 months as planned and we were asked to provide even broader support to the next phase of work.

Want more?

Want More?

Click below to learn about our products and services, and our people who make them happen 

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Cerebro for the
New Economy

Our flagship digital policy solution to help you achieve regulatory compliance for Crypto, PayTech or FinTech
Advisory background


Our team of specialists who partner with clients to deliver strategic transformation at an executive and practical level - former bank executives that have been there and done it.
Cerebro Brain Background HQ_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Cerebro for Banking

Our flagship digital policy solution to help you achieve regulatory compliance for Tier 1/2 & Small Banks 

Our People

Our people are the centre of everything we do from creating value for clients and internal stakeholders, to fostering a thriving culture. Come and meet them.
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