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Digitising Compliance

Pragmatic, fast, and digital solutions for AML, Regulatory and Tax Compliance

Our mission is to support our clients in achieving complex, strategic, and transformational outcomes in their regulatory onboarding businesses through world-leading digital and advisory solutions
Our Services

Our Services

Why work with JJC

Why work with JJC?

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Years of experience in your shoes - running, transforming and advising on AML & Regulatory compliance.

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We start with the outcome and focus on the prize to help you cut through the fluff and deliver the benefits.

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We lead with a point of view, we know what good looks like and how to get there - we will support you in your journey.

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Our Regulator-grade SaaS Solution - Cerebro, will accelerate compliance with your regulatory obligations.

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Our cloud-based compliance solution
Accelerate your compliance

Cerebro for the New Economy

Regulatory Rails for Crypto, Money Service, Payments and Real Estate clients packaged up into a digital solution to accelerate your time to market and registration process 

Defining your regulatory responsibilities

Cerebro is our ready-to-go solution that enables firms to apply AML regulation to protect consumers without stifling innovation, copy pasting rules, or failing to act due to a lack of timely guidance

Cutting through the complexity to support registration with regulators

Cerebro cuts through the complexity of onerous registration processes by delivering a normalised set of requirements with jurisdictional variations in a single simple interface, enabling you to understand and efficiently operationalise your AML regulatory responsibilities

Ready-made & bespoke digital policies

Cerebro offers a ready-made, yet tailorable, AML / KYC / Reg /Tax policy based on our diverse experience working with firms from all financial backgrounds, including Retail & Investment Banks, Private Equity, Real Estate, FinTech, Money Services & Crypto

Lineage back to regulations & policies

Every aspect of Cerebro carries its provenance back to the underlying regulations to ensure you are meeting your obligations while calibrating your risk appetite

Cerebro for
Tier 1/2 Banks

Harmonise, benchmark and reduce 1000s of pages of paper policy and procedures with our digital AML and Regulatory SaaS solution directly integrated into your rules systems

55% harmonisation of terminology used

Reduced risk of inaccurate or excessive application of policy, achieved through simplification, harmonisation and normalisation of terms and concepts

73% reduction in duplication & digital authoring

Reduced overhead in policy management, control through reuse of 'policy as code' where each clause / policy component is unique and reusable across scenarios enabling you to author policy / procedures  direct in Cerebro

Regulatory integrity for customers, regulators & your teams

Lineage back to the source Regulations and Bank Policies / Procedures / Manuals so there is provenance for why AML requirements are necessary and to ensure integrity between 1st and 2nd lines of defence


of superfluous policy requirements

Information and documents requested of your customers is streamlined and more prescriptive to minimise ambiguity

Faster time to market

Inject the codified policy and rules into your regulatory rules engines and workflow to speed up implementation and operationalising of new requirements

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Extensive industry experience,
transformative outcomes


Sample Projects


Strategy, operating model and design for AML and regulatory implementation and transformation


Policy and procedure audit, harmonisation, design and benchmarking


Vendor selection, assurance and ecosystem design


Subject matter expert technical due diligence for investment target acquisitions

BNPP v2.png

'One Bank' global sharing KYC solution


SME due diligence for Private Equity target acquisition


CLM Design & business case for bringing together the corporate and Global Markets banking segments


Data Sharing Network strategy, business case and design

AlterDomus v2.png

Advice, design, assurance & execution for the investor and client lifecycle management programmes


Policy harmonisation & SME challenge for global FCC team

Our Experience

Our Experience

Pragmatic, hands on experience of helping firms design, deliver and transform their businesses



Yves Cavents

OneKYC Director
BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas (Colour).png

JJC Partners with BNPP Create and Deliver OneKYC

Resulting in BNPP receiving the Celent Model Risk Manager 2022 Award for Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation

"As programme director of ‘One KYC Repository’, an internal KYC utility we are building for Corporate clients across BNPP, I have appreciated the contribution of JJC.”   “JJC has structured the programme, but more importantly have been instrumental to functionally design the solution together with KYC Ops and IT representatives from different Business Units and in close collaboration with Compliance.”   “This has resulted in clear requirements to detail the functional specifications and the technical design of the CLM package.”   ”Their KYC experience and skills lead to high quality deliverables as well for interactive workshops as for effective decision taking in the Design Authority Board. Their involvement has allowed me to really accelerate the design and was highly appreciated by the Build team.”

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